Climb out of your cave and wrap your peepers around some of the awesome tech you've been missing this week...

Trainer Ball – The real life Pokéball

Trainer Ball PokeballPre-order for $45 (around £34) from Kickstarter

If you’re still venturing out into the big wide world and risking life and limb trying to fill up that Pokédex, you’re definitely in need of a little reward. And we’ve found just the thing. It’s a real life Pokéball, people. Made from soft rubberised foam and hiding Bluetooth, an accelerometer and Snapchat’s face recognition tech inside, the Trainer Ball is a remote controller for Pokémon Go that you can throw just like a real life Pokéball. Instead of having to use a flick of the thumb on your smartphone screen to throw a virtual ball at a wild Pokémon, all you have to do is lob this ballon the ground to pick up a PIkachu. There’s even built-in backup power bank that can charge almost any phone around 2 times over.

Arcam MusicBOOST – Turbo-boost your iPhone

Arcam MusicBOOST£79 from Amazon

With a built-in headphone amp, DAV (digital to analog converter), and battery pack, MusicBOOST is designed to give your iPhone a much-needed kick up the bum in the areas it’s lacking in the most. Slip your iPhone into sleeve and plug in your headphones, for instance, and MusicBOOST will give your playlist some serious welly, delivering clearer, richer sound quality whether you’re streaming from Spotify or just playing tunes stored on your phone. MusicBOOST will also charge your phone with up to 120% extra battery life for a nice long jam session. There’s an aptly-named Boost button to command the sleeve to sync with your music or juice-up, and there’s also a power indicator on the sleeve to let you know your phone’s charging status.

Samsung Scoop – Your next portable speaker

Samsung ScoopAwaiting release

This week, Samsung submitted documents to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for a shiny new device currently being called Samsung Scoop. We only have a user manual and some photos to go on at the moment, but it looks like it’s going to be a portable Bluetooth speaker with a leather carry strap for tunes on-the-go. There’s speculation that Scoop’s mic could mean Samsung wants to veer down the Amazon Echo route with some voice control, but we’re holding back from getting excited until Samsung decides to comment.

Hudly – Drive like a fighter pilot

Hudly appsPre-order for $199 (around £152) from Kickstarter

Looking for a better way to use your phone’s brilliant in-car capabilities? Look no further than Hudly – a heads-up display that brings apps, voice control and fighter pilot-style stats from your phone to your windscreen. When connected to your phone and tethered up to your car’s diagnostic port, the Hudly projector beams all the stats you need for life on the road straight in front of you while you drive. Hudly can suck up stats, information and directions from all of your favourite apps. Always getting WhatsApp message while you’re driving? Now, you can use your phone’s native voice control abilities to reply and take action without having to tear your eyes away from the road and fumble with your phone at traffic lights.

LinearFlux – No more low battery blues

LinearFlux PokeCharger Pokemon Go battery pack$39.99 (around £30) from Stack Social

Packing 3.0 Amp HyperCharging tech, the LinearFlux PokeCharger is a portable battery pack that can juice up an iPhone at twice the speed of your average charger while you’re on the road scouting for Pokémon. It comes with its own lightning connector, but there’s a second USB port for Androiders or Apple Watch users. A tri-colour LED light on the top of the battery pack indicates your phone’s charging progress, and to top it off, the whole shebang is sporting the Pokémon livery, making it look like it could be a gadget straight from Ash’s backpack of tricks.

Triby – A kitchen radio with Amazon Alexa inside

Triby Amazon Alexa RadioBuy in the US with Amazon Alexa for $199, or in the UK without Amazon Alexa for £159

With the Triby kitchen radio, you don’t just get an awesome digital radio with access to around 27,000 online radio stations from around the world, immersive sound and an embedded magnet for mounting it on the fridge. You get all of the conveniences of Amazon’s obliging virtual assistant, Alexa thrown in too. Ask Alexa to fire up music from your Spotify account, hail an uber, order a Domino’s, and any of Alexa’s other 1,000 (and counting) handy services using just your voice. You can also make internet calls on your own personal family network of preset contacts. To save precious energy, Triby’s screen runs on E-Ink, displaying hand-drawn doodles from your phone, messages, mailbox alerts and more from your smartphone in real-time. Note: The Alexa capabilities are for US buyers only. You can buy Triby sans Alexa in the UK too, though.