We can't promise you're not going to suddenly need EVERYTHING on this list...

Anti gravity LIFT charger – Make your smartwatch floatanti gravity LIFt charger

Wireless charging is the mind blowing tech du jour that has everyone’s jaws dropping, but this anti gravity LIFT charger kind of makes it look old school.

Inspired by Tesla’s ideas around transferring electricity through the air, the LIFT charger uses a newfangled induction system to make your Apple Watch or Pebble wrist kit levitate in thin air while it juices up. It’s pretty mesmerising.

You can still interact with your watch the usual way while it’s charging- give it a gentle tap and it will stay faithfully bobbing in the air.

The lovely part is that when you’re not using it to charge your wrist gear, it doesn’t just have to be a latent block of black on your bedside table. Pop its orb onto the base, and it will become a levitating lamp that gently glows while it hovers.

The base even has an internal battery to transform it into a portable power bank for your smartphone, giving you two full phone charges on the go. No levitating phone though, sadly.

LIFT has soared straight to Kickstarter fame with still a month left to rake in funding. You can grab an early bird deal for $199 (around £153). Worldwide shipping is set for October this year.

Tentsile Stingray – a cosy den in the sky Tentsile Stingray intro

Always fancied living more at one with nature? Now’s your chance with this three-person Stingray tree tent for the aspiring arboreal nomad.

With its three webbing straps and ratcheting buckles, Stingray can be suspended in the air between a trio of trees – or other large anchors like trucks, columns, and boulders – to act as a makeshift treehouse for parties of happy campers.

Stingray’s interior is a super-cosy little nest, with a triple hammock set-up protected by rip-resistant insect mesh for keeping its lofty dwellers bug-free.

For protection from the elements, there are waterproof PU-coated fly sheets to stop any moisture seeping through into your hammock. You can easily roll the front door sly sheet back to peep at the jaw-dropping view beyond the tent any time you like.

Possibly the coolest thing about Stingray – aside from the whole living in a tree thing – is the ability to turn into an epic multi-storey treehouse. Add some standard hammocks (sold separately) to the three corner D-rings, and Stingray can accommodate up to nine people over three floating tiers. We think you’ll agree that’s far more awesome than any gigantic ground tent.

Tentsile Stingray is £445.84 – head over to Tentsile.com to buy it for your next adventure!

Philips Power Potion – A vial of iPhone health juicePhilips Power Potion iPhone

Disguised as a tiny receptacle for medicine, this keyring-sized little battery booster is packing a 3000mAh battery to nurse your gadgets back to full health on the go.

Its integrated lightning cable hidden inside the lid plugs straight into your iPhone to turbo-charge it to full battery (and a little further) fast as you like it, and there’s even a micro USB cable thrown in for all those faithful Androiders who still have no idea what a lightning cable even is.

Of course, there are other gadgets you’ll be able to charge on the fly using those connectors too, like digital cameras, eReaders and even smartwatches.

While your gadgets are drinking in the juice of life, you can push a button to see the battery level via an LED indicator. Not that you’ll have to keep watch, mind. Power Potion 3000 is so small and discreet that you can simply plug it in, then sling it your phone in your pocket or bag to let the charging take place while you’re doin

ALCHEMA – Turn WiFi into wine (like a techie Jesus)

Alchema cider maker

Alchema is designed to make brewing your own booze at home as simple as making a pot of coffee. Except it looks tons more fun – and it makes more than just one kind of drink. You can made cider, mead, and a finely-honed glass of wine in this crafty pod.

Once you’ve told the App what you’re drinking, all you have to do is put the right ingredients inside Alchema’s belly. Chuck in some wine grapes or other fresh fruits, add sugar and water, sprinkle in a yeast packet, and let Alchema do the rest. The pod will even weigh your ingredients as they go in to make sure you’re onto a winning flavour.

It takes up to 2 weeks for Alchema to convert your ingredients into a tasty drink, but while you’re waiting you can monitor and toggle the process via the app. It will even keep you posted on the alcohol level to give you the opportunity to adjust it to your liking.

When the brewing process is complete, Alchema will send you a notification to let you know it’s time to get sipping. All that’s left to do is grab yourself an unspillable glass for the ultimate smart drink.

Alchema has another month left on Kickstarter to rake in funding, although it’s already sailed way past its funding goal. Worldwide shipping is set for July 2017, and you can currently pre-order it for $359 (£278).

inCharge – A tiny cable that solves big problems


Available in a range of colours for both iPhones and Android phones, inCharge is a nifty little connector cable that removes the chaos of long tangled cables from your life. Select from a lightning connection for iPhone, or a micro USB for most other phones and devices, and enjoy fuss-free charging on the go.

Unlike your regular charging cable, inCharge is too short to ever get tangled, and is equipped with strong magnets to help you quickly snap it on and off a keyring. When you’re ready to connect your phone to a power source, just snap it off and plug in within mere seconds.

If you want to kill two problems at once, latch inCharge around your headphones to stop them turning into a tangled mess in your bag or pocket.

Peek Screen – Hide WhatsApp chats from nosy parkers

Peek screen 2

Your iPhone and everything on it is your own private property, but that doesn’t stop bored and nosy strangers gorping at your phone screen first chance they get. Thanks to Peek Screen though, your WhatsApp in-jokes and photos of last night’s alcohol-fuelled escapades can be kept safely under wraps.

A protective iPhone screen cover made from transparent tempered glass, Peek Screen shields your screen from the person next to you, while staying perfectly clear and visible to you.

As well as keeping your screen safely hidden from prying eyes, Peek Screen also provides an extra layer of protection for that fragile iThing – perfect if you’re prone to dropping it or dropping other things on it. Its eco-friendly hard tempered glass prevent scratches, crack-resistant under pressure, and still manages to stay ultra-responsive to your fingertips.

Thanks to an oleophobic top layer, your grubby mitts won’t make oily smudges on the screen either. And unlike most other screen protectors on the market, Peek Screen uses Optically Clear Adhesive, which relies on gravity to hold it in place. No more annoying air bubbles over your lovely sleek iPhone screen.

Despite its many layers of super-smart screen tech, Peek Screen has managed to stay just 0.3mm thin. It’s also got a featherweight price tag to boot, which sits at $24 (around £18.50). You can pre-order it now from Kickstarter, but you’ll have to wait until January 2017 for shipping.