Never miss an Amazon parcel again and keep your front garden pest-free with these clever video doorbells.


DoorbirdPrice: £279

Wouldn’t it be handy to get a notification from your door when your favourite people pop round and you’re not home? Doorbell comes with clever facial recognition tech to make that possible. Whether it’s gran popping round for a biscuit and a brew, your best mate with your birthday present, or that special someone with a bottle of wine and a film, Doorbird will use advanced video analytics to figure out who it is, and instantly alert an app on you’re phone via its WiFi connection – wherever you are in the world.

You then have the option to chat with them – depending on whether or not you can get to the door. With a built-in noise-cancelling microphone and speaker, you and you visitors will be able to hear each other loud and clear. Along with ultra-clever face recognition, Doorbird comes with a 180˚ motion sensor to trigger alerts and an alarm, and infrared LEDs for night vision.

Bird Home Automation is even talking about throwing in third-party device compatibility, so you could link Doorbird to your smart thermostat or lock and have them work in harmony with each other. For now, though, you can use it alongside some of Bird’s own Addon devices, which include motion sensors, a smoke detector, an alarm siren and a smart lock.


Ring video doorbellPrice: £159

Ring is a simple, effective solution to the problem of missing visitors at your door. Like all good smart video doorbells, it sends a notification to your phone if someone presses the buzzer and you’re not in, with a two-way mic to let you tell your friends to come on in, give the delivery guy instructions on where to leave your package, or even tell a salesman to shoo – all directly from your smartphone screen.

The great thing with Ring is that it even knows when some knocks; it comes with motion sensors that can sense when someone’s lurking on your doorstep. You’ll get a notification when the doorbell picks up motion, and the exact same options to chat and record footage from your phone.

After hours, the motion sensor will trigger Ring’s night vision camera. No more curtain twitching for you, neighbourino. If you happen to miss an important notification because your phone’s in your pocket, the doorbell backs up all your important footage to the Cloud. Ring comes with its own set of installation tools so you can fit it and connect it to your WiFi yourself in mere minutes.


August Doorbell CamPrice: $199 (around £120)

The August doorbell cam is currently only available in the US and Canada, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for a UK release date. The super-smart Doorbell Cam is kitted out with motion sensors, an HD camera and a two-way chat function to let you see who’s at your door and talk to them remotely through an app on your phone. When someone rings your doorbell, you’ll get an instant alert letting you know you’ve got company.

Just like Ring, August comes with motion sensors to pick up on all kinds of activity on your doorstep, which comes in handy if people just knock – or they’re simply sneaking about on your property.

There are lots of nifty extras with the Doorbell Cam that make it handy for more than just fielding calls at your doorstep. For instance, one feature in the app gives you the option of saving interactions to watch again later. This is great if you need to double-check where you asked the postman to leave your package, or remember what day you asked your friend to pop back.

The Doorbell Cam also forms part of August’s entire smart home access system, which includes a smart door lock and a keypad. The Doorbell Cam operates as a Bluetooth low energy WiFi bridge, connecting to the door lock to give you the ability to unlock your door for visitors if you need to.


skybell-video-doorbellPrice: €240 (around £112)

Skybell is another great video doorbell complete with a motion sensor for capturing those pesky visitors who knock instead of buzzing. It comes complete with HD vision, a 2-way microphone and ring notifications to put you directly in touch with whoever’s on your doorstep from wherever you are in the world.

Got the Nest Cam? There’s great news for you. Skybell will connect to Nest Cam to let you check if its streaming video when you answer your door remotely. If it’s not streaming, you can activate it using Skybell. What’s more, if Nest Cam picks up on motion, it will make Skybell automatically start recording footage – even if Skybell hasn’t picked up on any activity itself.

Skybell comes with a slew of accessories to make it compatible with your home, including a handy wall mount in case you want to relocate your Skybell, and adaptors for both digital and analog door chimes.


Smanos video doorbellPrice: £159

Sitting at exactly the same price as Ring, the Smanos smart video doorbell brings motion sensing, a 2-way mic and visitor notifications to your doorstep. You can access the 180˚ camera feed any time you like, access past footage and tons more via the app on your phone – anywhere you are.

Setting Smanos a cut above is its pairing with the Smanos K1 – a home automation hub that will double as a door chime if you happen to be hanging around the house without your phone to hand. The K1 isn’t an essential purchase, but if you buy it, you’ll be able to control all Z-Wave compatible smart home devices through it, and have them working in harmony with the Smanos doorbell.

One of the Smanos-branded devices includes UFO, which is a 360˚ smart security camera that can switch between birds’ eye, panoramic and normal views, and can even be mounted onto your ceiling in order to absolutely everything.