Get the luxury of smart home control for the entire family with this doting artificial intelligence SmartAll butler.

Think you’re not posh enough to have a butler? Then you’re in for a treat. This is the world of smart tech, folks – where flowers charge our phones, printers can print pancakes and where actually, just about anyone can have their very own butler to be at their back and call 24/7.

Your new butler’s name is SmartAll, and it’s currently churning up funding over on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order it for just $149 (£103). With an integrated camera and smart home hub, SmartAll promises to take care of all aspects of family life with a touch of IoT magic.

SmartAll works by tethering together all of your existing smart gadgets, with more than 100 top brands and 1000 devices on its friends list, including from the likes of Nest, Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips Hue, and iRobot. Just plug it in, fire up the app on your phone (and your other half’s phone…and the kids’ phones) to instantly put the ultimate home control at everyone’s fingertips.

Like the famed Amazon Echo, SmartAll will take spoken instructions. Just tell it to switch on the TV, lock the front door or dim the lights, and it will happily oblige. It will also learn and adapt to your habits, anticipating your needs before you’ve even voiced them. This means, for instance, it might switch on the light 5 minutes before you arrive home late at night, or switch off certain idle devices when you leave the house.

The huge advantage that SmartAll has over the likes of Amazon Echo is its face recognition talents. It will quickly learn to differentiate between the faces of your family and strangers, and then activate certain settings and scenes when people it knows walk into the room, like switching on a certain TV channel or cranking up the thermostat. To quell family disputes, you can also create priority settings that mean one person’s preferences will override another’s if they’re in the same room together.

In another cool departure from the smart home hubs we’re used to, SmartAll will also recognise gestures and activate certain modes when you point and wave, which is sure to be a hit with the kids.

For extra peace of mind, SmartAll doubles as a security hub, beaming live footage from its video camera to the app that you can view whenever you like. If it detects intruders, it will activate intruder-deterring features like putting your lights on full beam.

Miles better than your average Jeeves, we’d say…