Sony's new and improved multiroom audio experience has been one of the most hotly-anticipated tech releases this year, and its available really soon...

At the CES tech show earlier this year, Sony dangled a multiroom audio experience like no other under our very noses. Thankfully, the tech giant isn’t one to keep us waiting, and it looks like the new additions to its line of multiroom audio gear are in the process of hitting the shops.

First up is the SRS-ZR5, a portable Bluetooth audio cube that delivers big bass despite its compact size. It streams music via Google Cast, letting you beam playlists from your favourite apps from your phone, tablet or desktop with just a tap. Paired with more SRS-ZR5 speakers or other speakers in the range via the SongPal app on your phone, it will support high-quality multiroom audio, letting your music follow you round the house. It’s set to cost $200 (around £138).

Its bigger sibling, the SRS-ZR7, is a larger – yet still portable – version, packing four speakers primed for high-res audio. It’s also equipped with S-Master HX tech that’s designed to minimise noise (the bad kind). The SRS-ZR7 is set to cost $300 (around £207).

Next up is the HT-NT5 Soundbar, a wall-mountable sound machine with 3-way speakers angled upwards for better sound projection. It’s also sporting Sony’s SuperTweeter tech to give a high-res audio boost, and can join in on the multiroom fun. This bad lad carries the heftiest price tag of $800 (£553).

The range has already started rolling out in the US, but we’re still waiting for an official release date here in the UK. For now, you can only gaze longingly at the range on Sony’s website, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know the second it’s available.

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    We also talked about multiroom audio systems this week.