A sleek little smart home remote that powers on for a month thanks to the marvel of e-ink.

Sony’s latest offering to the world of home automation is this slender little universal Huis remote.

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The Huis remote (pronounced ‘house’) lets you control anything from your TV and Blu-ray player to your smart lightbulbs and even your connected air-non via the simple act of pointing and pressing. It features a pleasingly minimalistic e-ink screen that will last for up to a month on a single charge, sitting dormant all day and only actually consuming power when you need to use it.

The remote’s screen layout can be configured via the device itself or on the desktop app to only display the buttons that you use on a regular basis. You can share your configurations online for other users to enjoy, and download different layouts to play around with too.

It’s currently up for pre-order in Japan for ¥27,950 (around £172), with no word yet whether it’ll be making its way elsewhere.