It's the music system that cares about your schedule.

Want a music system that goes a little bit further than simply blasting out your playlist? Of course you do; it’s the year of Amazon Echo. If your music system can’t speak to you, what’s the point, right?

Well, if you’re not an Echo-ite just yet and you’re still open to the options, the Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker might appeal to you. It’s £220, which is a neat £70 more expensive than the all-knowing Echo, but it does have one trick that Alexa can’t pull off. It can dance.

Yep, you heard right. This handy little whippersnapper not only plays all of your tunes from your phone wirelessly, organises your schedule, answers your calls, and talks back to you, but when there’s music in the air, it also joins you for a bit of a boogie.

It literally dances in time with your music. Beat that, Alexa.

Having said that, we’re not sure if that’s a particular talent any of us have been longing for in a Bluetooth speaker. And actually, aside from its novelty boogying, the Sony Smart Bluetooth speaker doesn’t seem to have much on Alexa.

You can tell the speaker what song you’d like to listen to, and it’ll play it without you having to press a single button, but that’s child’s play for Alexa. She can choose music by genre and perform all kinds of playlist wizardry.

The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker is still a fun way to start your day though. It will wake you with a handy weather report in its female voice, or a rundown of the day’s schedule if you like. When you’re up and about, it’ll tell you when you’ve got a message or a call, and who it’s from.

Sony Smart Bluetooth SpeakerIf you want to make a phone call, you just tell the speaker whose number to dial and enjoy hands-free conversations while you’re putting on your makeup, pottering about the kitchen or lacing up your shoes. That’s a pretty neat little trick.

Anyone wanting a music system first, smart scheduler second will love the Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker. But if you’ve already been tempted by Alexa’s many wares and you’re shopping around for other options before taking the plunge, run like the wind back to Alexa.

The Sony Smart Bluetooth Speaker is £220 from SonyMobile.