Turns out that clever hiding place under your garden gnome actually isn't so clever...

Finding the perfect hiding place for your spare house key that won’t get rumbled by the first burglar who roams onto your property is a tough one. Not only does it have to be tricky enough for strangers to find, it also has to be memorable enough that you won’t completely forget it when you inevitably get locked out at some point during your life as a flawed, forgetful (and possibly drunk) human being.

Not to worry, though – enter the Spiked Sprinkler Head Hider. This genius little tool is a cash and key hiding vault disguised as an innocuous sprinkler head. Just pop in your spare door key (or secret cash loot), screw on the top, and nestle it securely into the lawn using its spike. Et voilà – you’ve got yourself a spare house key dressed as a sprinkler head. It’s fool proof…Unless you have an unfortunately coincidental visit from the notorious sprinkler head burglar.

The Spiked Sprinkler Head Hider is available to buy from Amazon. You can currently only buy it in packs of 6 for £67.78, which is around £11 each.