This shape-shifting little coffee cup is the perfect receptacle for a cup o' joe on the go.

A couple of years ago, New Yorker Ben Melinger was sitting in a café with his friends discussing a better way to drink coffee, and he suddenly struck upon the bold vision his very own dream cup – a no frills, no spills cup that he could use again and again, and easily carry everywhere he went.

Not one to give up on his dreams, Ben set about designing his perfect receptacle. And if the thought of leaving the house without a steaming hot drink in the morning gives you the cold sweats, you’ll be thankful he did. The result is Stojo – a bendable, foldable cup that transforms into a pocket-sized disc for the perfect caffeine-infused commute.

Stojo is made up of three parts – a disc-shaped lid, a water-tight lip, and a bendy cup. When you’re done drinking and you need your hands free again, all you have to do is slam the cup against your hand or a nearby surface, and the cup will concertina completely flat, leaving you with just the lid to slip neatly into your pocket. Pretty nifty, right?

As well as being a paragon of portable convenience, Stojo is also a friendly alternative to the plastic cups used by cafés and coffee shops. It’s made completely from recyclable materials, and is the equivalent of an entire year’s supply of plastic coffee cups. It’s also much nicer to hold, owing to its insulated lid that keeps your hand from getting too hot or cold. It’s leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and comes in six lovely colours.

You can buy Stojo for just $15 (£10) here. Shipping to the UK costs a little extra.