Stream thousands of music stations to your faithful old audio device with this clever Steljes Audio MS2 music streaming box.

Audio tech innovator Steljes wants to put endless music in every room of your house with the launch of its smart little streaming box, Audio MS2.

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Loaded with WiFi, Bluetooth, and stereo and analogue outputs, Audio MS2 plugs into any compatible music devices in your home to give you access to your entire music collection – and then some.

At a basic level, Steljes will give you access to your music library on Spotify from whatever music device you plug it into, bulking up your playlist on those “dumb” kitchen speakers you’re considering getting rid of, for instance. But in all of its intended glory, Audio MS2 puts whatever device it’s plugged into in cahoots with over 20,000 internet radio stations, which you can control and access in a jiffy.

For the ultimate Audio MS2 experience, you can plug one into every music device in your house and control them from the UNDOK app on your phone. You’ll be able to quickly switch between the devices in each room to individually turn them on and off, change their channel, and even toggle audio variables like bass and treble.

Audio MS2 should be making its UK launch incredibly soon, and you can keep an on for updates.


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