No more panic-Googling when your hot tub starts to ooze fizzy green foam...

Whether it’s floating in your pool or hot tub, inside or out, in chlorine or salt water, this cone-shaped pool monitor from San Fransisco startup Sutro will continuously keep a watchful eye over the chemistry of your water to ensure it’s always safe for a dip.

From the basics like temperature, PH balance and chlorine levels, to more nitty-gritty measurements like dissolved minerals, water hardness and alkalinity, Sutro will keep you posted via an app on your phone if ever you need to take action.

It’s not just there to flag up potential issues you can’t detect, though. When Sutro sends you an alert, its cloud service analyses the data and gives you helpful advice on how to dose the pool back to its former glory with various treatments and chemicals. Beats resorting to the wisdom of Google to work out why your hot tub water smells funky.

Sutro Smart Pool MonitorWhat’s really handy is that you can order any chemicals you need directly from the app through a pay-and-go function. That’s a free service that the app offers, so it’s optional. You might already have a favourite supplier or brand, which is also fine.

Another real boon with Sutro’s app is its growing network of Sutro-friendly pool technicians, who you can tap into for advice and servicing whenever it’s time for some extra TLC for your pool or tub. It looks like this is a US-only service for now.

The device runs on replaceable batteries, which give it about 6 months of pool time before you’ll need to pop in some new ones. It’s completely wireless, so you can float it wherever you like – as long as its within range of your WiFi router.

Sutro is set to start shipping by Summer 2016 just in time for that first refreshing dip of the year. You can pre-order it for $299 (£225), or $329 (£247) if you factor in shipping costs to the UK.