It will now take orders from Alexa to crank up the heat.

Key smart home player Tado has announced the latest iteration of its smart thermostat at the IFA tech show in Berlin this week, and there’s some voice control fun to be had thanks to a new friendship with Amazon Alexa.

The 3rd-gen Tado thermostat can now toggle the heating, customise home scenarios and automate your heating schedule using voice commands via your Amazon Alexa-enabled device.

It can also now take orders from Siri via Apple Homekit, and can be subjected to some smart home recipe-making via IFTTT. Turn you heating down when you leave the front door, turn down when the lights go off at night, and so on

Tado smart radiator valveAside from the new voice control chops, the 3rd-gen Tado remains the same smart heart that it was before, using weather forecasts and your home’s unique building characteristics to help you make savings on your energy bills while staying toasty.

It’s app-controlled as before, and still as dinky and minimalistic as ever.

Joining the new thermostat in Tado’s forthcoming lineup is a smart radiator valve, which lets you control the heating in individual rooms to create zoned heating – a handy money-saver when you don’t need to heat every room in the house at once. You can use it alone, or pair it with the new Tado thermostat.

The 3rd-gen Tado thermostat will be available to buy for £199 later this month. A smart radiator starter kit including two smart radiator valves and a WiFi bridge will be up for £179 at around the same time.