Keep your dog company from your desk at work with this smart device that lets you dispense treats and interact using your smartphone.

PetBot is a pet cam that lets you care for your beloved furry friend when you’re far away from home. Dispense treats, play music, and video chat with your love-sick pet wherever you are – all through an app on your phone.

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Is Rex lonely? Hungry? Is the cat keeping him hostage behind the sofa again? Now you can find out, and take action in seconds.

The device itself is a small box that sits on your kitchen countertop, bookshelf or wall, with a built-in webcam, speaker and Wi-Fi connection to link it to your smartphone.

At any time of day, you can head into the companion PetBot app on your smartphone and make PetBot dispense various size treats, play soothing music through the speakers, and even have a person-to-pet chat.

Tell Rex you miss him, sing him his favourite song, or, y’know, tell him to stop being a little wimp and stand up to Sergeant Fluff for once in his life. Whatever message you want to send, it’s now easier than ever to give your best friend a happy boost and let them know you care when they’re pining for you.

Say what you want to the cat, though. We can guarantee it’s not listening.

You can also use PetBot to schedule sneaky selfies of your pet throughout the day. They’ll automatically be kept in the app’s Time Capsule, which lets you save and view an entire lifetime of adorable pet selfies.

Other cool features include Bark Type Recognition, which tells you why your dog’s making noise. This’ll probably mainly mean you’ll find out every time the postman arrives, but it could come in handy if there’s a serious problem like an intruder, or a fire.

PetBot’s maker reckons the cam is the perfect way to stimulate and train your pets when you’re out and about, as well as solving the issue of pet separation anxiety. We’re still not sure if that means the pet’s anxiety, or yours…

You can grab a PetBot from its successful Indiegogo campaign for $189 (£126). Delivery is set for May 2016.


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