Re-live your favourite moments in immersive virtual reality with this portable Teleport 3D camera for your smartphone.

Teleport is a tiny 3D camera that snaps onto your Android phone to let you turn videos of your life into stereoscopic virtual reality.

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Whether it’s your baby’s first steps, your dog chasing a stick or your friends singing happy birthday to you, Teleport lets you watch all of your treasured memories over and over again in VR 3D, as if you’ve been teleported straight back to the moment in your very own time machine.

In the word’s of Teleport’s maker, Autonomous, it’s “like moving instantaneously through space and time”. Which puts Teleport in the running for the most most sci-fi gadget we’ve ever met.

It has the futuristic looks to boot, as well. Teleport is a long, thin aluminium stick with two 720p cameras that see and shoot video the same way that our eyes do. When it’s clipped onto your phone, it looks like two robotic eyes peeking out. All you have to do to start capturing realistic memories is get snapping away.

To watch your memories back, you can either strap on the Teleport VR headset, or use Google Cardboard. The VR headset is another cool bit of kit, with eye-distance and focus adjustment to give you the best viewing experience. Autonomous says that the 3D playback through the VR headset is so effective it’s more like “actual reality” than virtual.

For now, the Teleport 3D is only compatible with Android phones, but Autonomous says it’s working hard to bring the experience to iOS users by June 2016.

You can pre-order a Teleport 3D camera for $89 (£60) from its Indiegogo page. Or grab the camera and VR headset together for $99 (£66). Shipping is set for December 2015.


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