Tellymount turns your smartphone and your TV into a giant video-calling, gaming, streaming dream team...

Updated: TellyMount is now on Kickstarter, and you can donate or bag early bird offers here:

Your TV and your smartphone are two of your favourite things in life, so it’s probably high time they got to know each other better. Luckily, TellyMount is here to make that beautiful digital union possible.

TellyMount is a smartphone holder that positions your phone above your TV screen to let you use your phone in new and exciting ways. With your smartphone perched securely above the biggest screen in your house, you can now video-call your friends and family as if they’re hanging out in the room with you, play motion-based games, and mirror your smartphone screen onto the TV to make it giant.

In order to marry your phone with your TV, you will have to invest in one extra little gizmo. If you’re using an iPhone, Apple TV should do the job nicely. Android users can grab Google Chromecast for the same purposes. There are also various cables that can team your phone with your TV, so you don’t necessarily have to splash out on a flashy new box or dongle.

When the pairing is complete, all you have to do is play around with TellyMount to find the right angle for your phone. You’ll immediately find that it’s much more convenient and natural for video-chatting with your phone at eye level, but you can tilt TellyMount in any direction to get the perfect vantage point depending on what you’re using TellyMount for. It’s also versatile enough for your to flip your phone over to use the better quality camera on the front it.

TellyMount is currently limbering up to join Kickstarter in May, and if its campaign is successful it will also offer a mobile app for optimised TV video calling, as well as a collection of apps that are tailored for the big screen. While you’re waiting, you can find out more here.

  • Kel Dommage

    I expect this to be available through the usual china outlets in a week at a third the price…