Bring the weather inside your house without getting wet.

Bored of apps on your phone giving you the weather forecast? You need Tempescope. It’s an ambient weather display box that connects to your phone or computer to get the weather forecast, then automatically simulates future weather conditions. And it looks so cool.

How does it work? Tempescope relies on a water pump, mist diffuser, coloured LEDs, an Arduino micro controller and a reservoir of water in its base. The LED lights transition between red and blue to reflect the temperature, and the mist diffuser forms clouds to match the cloud level in the forecast.

If there’s rain a-comin’? You guessed it. It rains inside Tempescope. The pump basically just pulls water from the base and sends it trickling down the sides of the glass. Perfect if you want to gaze pensively through a rain-drenched window without the neighbours thinking you’re a weirdo.

Tempescope mistyThe LEDs will flash dramatically when there’s a storm on the horizon too, which makes for a pretty atmospheric little centrepiece.

Tempescope can currently simulate rain, fog, sunny skies or lightning storms according to what’s about to happen in the sky outside.

You can even tell the Tempescope to fetch weather forecasts from other countries around the world, so if you’ve got an exotic holiday abroad on the calendar you could start seeing those sunny skies before you even pack your bags. Brilliant.

Tempescope rainy night

We covered Tempescope a few months back while it was mid-Indiegogo campaign, but it unfortunately missed its crowdfunding goal by a hair’s breadth. We’re pleased to see it’s not given up hope, though, and its makers are still working hard to get the support of distributors. You can sign up here to get all the latest news.