Ever explored a VR world so awesome you wished you could reach out and touch it? With Teslasuit, now you can...


Teslasuit is a full body gaming suit that uses haptic feedback to create the sensation that you really are touching and feeling the VR world around you.

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By simulating touch, wind, water, heat and cold, Teslasuit lets you experience sensations like wading through water on a sunny beach, picking up objects, hugging people, and, er – being shot in the chest. Ouch.

The Teslasuit looks a little bit like a wetsuit, the major difference being that it’s kitted out with a mesh of conductive thread and a control panel belt where you plug in your VR headset.

To get all science-y about it, Teslasuit works using a clever trick called neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Basically, when you’re immersed in a VR game or movie, a haptic module in the suit reads your movements, and then sends pulses with varying amplitudes, frequencies, and ranges to the mesh of sensors and electrodes positioned around your body.

Those pulses then stimulate your skin surface, muscle, and nerve endings to create realistic tactile feedback.

Teslasuit comes loaded with its very own online streaming service that allows you to install gaming apps directly to the suit, with a 1GZ quad core processor, 1GB or RAM, and 16GB of memory. There are also 2 USB ports and an HDMI port for hooking up your various bits of VR gear.

The feedback system in the suit is customisable too, so if you’re in the mood for a shooter, but you’re not so keen on feeling every explosion or bullet impact, you’ll be pleased to know you can switch that function off.

You can also stop the suit from giving you the chills with the climate control editor. When it’s full whack, the temperature regulator function can cool you down to 10˚c, and warm you up to a sizzling 40˚c.

Because Teslasuit has a tough neoprene outer shell, it’s waterproof and washable, so if you did happen to mistake it for your wetsuit, it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Teslasuit is vying for funding over on Kickstarter, where you can choose from one of two versions, depending on how brave you are. The Pioneer Teslasuit can be pre-ordered for £749, and has 16 channels of haptic feedback, with a battery life expectancy of around four days.

The Prodigy Teslasuit is a 52 haptic channel mean machine at £1,799, with a battery life of around two hours.


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