Is your phone storage struggling to keep up with your addiction to snapping pictures? Consider storing them in this pocket egg...

No matter how roomy your phone storage is, you’ve probably at some point had to carry out a heart-breaking mass cull of all the beloved pictures and videos you just don’t have space for anymore. But one tiny gadget is here to wipe the tears away. Make way for…The Egg.

The Egg is a pocket-sized mass storage device that extends your phone’s storage capacity by anything up to a whopping 256 GB. To put that into perspective, a good smartphone packs in about 32GB of storage. This little fella can manage eight times that. What a good egg.

Content-wise, we’re talking around 50,000 photos, up to 45 hours of HD video, or 30,000 songs that can be beamed to The Egg from your phone for safekeeping. It’s quick and easy to back up your files as well. Just plug The Egg into your phone via its mini USB cable like a charger, choose the content you want to transfer, and then pop The Egg back in your pocket when it’s done.

One of the great things about The Egg is that it doesn’t rely on any kind of cloud-based storage. When your files are safely packed inside, only you can access them – either from The Egg’s tiny built-in touchscreen, or from your own desktop website, and there are no monthly charges for the privilege. Because the egg has a WiFi connection, you can just leave it at home and access your stuff anywhere too.

The EggThe Egg has a battery life of around 12 – 14 hours when it’s not tethered to a power outlet, and in case of emergencies, its USB port can be used as a makeshift phone charger. It can also be used as a WiFi hotspot when you’re caught short.

You can buy The Egg from with varying storage capacity, ranging from $199 (around £150) for 64 GB to $399 (around £300) for the monster 256GB version.