Up until recently, smartwatches for iOS have been a rare thing. In fact, iOS users have pretty much been stuck with the Apple Watch as their only wrist tech option. Not that there’s anything wrong with the trusty Apple Watch, but believe it or not, even the most die-hard Apple devotees fancy a bit of variety once in a while.

If you’re after a bit of alternative wristwear to optimise your iPhone’s features, look no further than our best smartwatches for iOS with endless possibilities.

LG Watch UrbaneLG Watch Urbane

Much like the loyal Apple Watch, LG Urbane is a chunky fella, except it’s got a round face, which might come as a relief to those not so keen on Apple’s lozenge-shape. It comes in stainless steel with a gold or silver finish, is both dust and water resistant, and has its very own charging cradle.

It’ll take a bit of setting up if you’re using Urbane with your iOS device, but there’s an Android Wear app to take you through the whole process step by step.

Once you’re connected, you can enable notifications from your iPhone to Urbane by syncing your Google calendars and Gmail, and enjoy all sorts of Urbane-exclusive features like a heart rate tracker, step counter, and Bluetooth music streaming.

You can buy LG Urbane from Currys for £209.99.

Apple WatchApple Watch

It’d be wrong to talk about smartwatches for iOS and not include the mother of all iOS wristwear. The Apple Watch is the ultimate iPhone compatible activity tracker-cum-personal assistant, putting your best friend (Siri, of course) just a flick of the wrist away.

The Apple Watch has the full repertoire of smartwatch functions, and then some. There’s Apply Pay, which lets you carry out safe, private purchases, Apple Workout for detailed measurements while you’re training, and voice activated remote control for playing your favourite tunes.

Get schedule reminders, receive and make calls, and send text messages – all whilst barely lifting a finger.

Depending on which model you’re after, an Apple Watch costs between £299 and £339 from the Apple online store.

Basis Peak



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Basis Peak

Basis Peak means serious business. It’s a brazen piece of wrist kit boasting a wide textured strap and a large imposing face, with the bold functionality to back it up.  A comprehensive fitness tracker disguised as a smartwatch, Basis Peak now works with iOS devices to give you a deep insight into your body’s performance.

This includes advances sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring, calorie burn calculations, and a goals system that constantly adjusts to your progress. All of these stats get automatically logged in the companion app on your smartphone, so you can keep track of your progress and learn how to improve your fitness.

All of this with the standard smartwatch notifications you’d expect, such as texts, calls, emails, and schedule reminders.

You can buy Basis Peak from Amazon for £149.99.

Jawbone Up3Jawbone Up3

This thin, sleek fitness wearable features sleep and heart rate detection, complete activity, and meal and calorie logging to give you an all-round picture of your daily health and lifestyle.

Unlike many other fitness trackers that favour functionality over aesthetic, Jawbone is a serious piece of wrist candy. With a slim, glamorous band coming in a range of sleek colours, it’s a neat little fitness tracker that won’t look bulky underneath your sleeve, or compromise your comfort.

Jawbone gives you all of the feedback and guidance you need through the Smart Coach app available on iOS and Android.

There’s even a friendly wake-up call function that rouses you with a gentle vibration when the moment’s right for your body to start the day.

Jawbone Up3 is available in six sleek colours for £129.99 from the Jawbone online store.

Fitbit SurgeFitbit Surge

This self-proclaimed fitness superwatch promises to help you train harder and go farther.

As well calculating your distance and pace, Surge’s GPS tracking system even tells you your elevation climbed if you’re on steep terrain.

It tracks stats like heart rate and calories burned across a number of sports, such as running, cycling, and cross training, and sends workout summary straight to an app on your phone when you’re done for thorough analysis.

Like Jawbone Up3, Surge monitors your sleep and wakes you up with silent, gentle vibrations. And, of course, it’ll receive notifications from your iPhone for calls and texts. You can even use it as a remote control to change the song on your mobile while you work out.

Buy a Fitbit Surge for £199 from the Fitbit online store.


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