It's like a magical gem stone with tracking super powers.

If the frenzied hot sweats of realising you’ve lost something important are a weekly occurrence for you, you might want to grab yourself The O (and possible a holiday).

A slimline decorative stone that slips neatly into a keychain or wallet, The O is a Bluetooth tracker that keeps 24/7 tabs on all of your valuable items.

With an app on your phone (iOS and Android), you can sync up multiple Os to extend surveillance to your entire collection of things you’re prone to losing. It doesn’t matter if it’s your makeup bag, camera, umbrella, or even the dog – as long as there’s a secure place to attach it like a loop, hook or collar, you can track it.

The O Bluetooth Tracker 2Once you’ve synced up your item with the app, The O will instantly create a virtual leash between you and the thing it’s attached to. It will constantly update its status in the app in real-time to let you know if things are safe in their place (at home or work), temporarily safe (like at a party or in a locker), or super-safe (secreted somewhere about your person).

If you do happen to stray away from your thing, The O will issue an alert to your phone to let you know. In the event that you miss the alert, you can check the time and place where The O originally called out for help, and use The O’s location services to know its last known place.

The O Bluetooth tracker on a dogYou can organise your alerts according to how essential each item is, so your phone doesn’t necessarily have to scream out the second you part from all of your things, which could get annoying if you’re just pottering around the house, or you’ve nipped to the loo in a restaurant and your tracked thing is safely sitting on your chair.

The lovely thing about The O is that it’s an attractive little trinket, which beats some of the chunky metal affairs you might have come across if you’ve been hunting for a tracker. The stone itself is grooved, which is handy if you want to sew it onto your clothes or  bad, and it’s also available in tons of lovely colours.

You can buy The O for $79 (£56) here.