Netflix has invented socks that pause your show when you fall asleep, and they're the most awesome Christmas craft project ever.

Put down the tinsel and drop the glitter, people. Netflix just came up with the ultimate Christmas DIY project. Knitted Netflix socks with concealed smart tech that pause the TV when you nod off mid-binge.

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With your feet snug and toasty in a pair of these magical woollen gadget socks, you’ll never again miss an important moment when you plunge into a deep Netflix coma.

The secret to Netflix socks is actigraphy, which is a non-intrusive method of monitoring sleep. Basically, a tiny accelerometer inside the socks can detect the smallest movement, and automatically send a signal to the TV to pause when it notices you’ve been stationery for a while.

A red LED light in the socks will blink when the TV’s about to go into shut-down, which gives you the opportunity to cancel the pause if you’re awake. All you have to to is wiggle a bit, and your show will continue as normal. Netflix says the accelerometer is highly sensitive though, so it’ll be pretty good at determining whether you’re asleep or just really still.

In the spirit of Christmas, Netflix has launched its sock concept as a series of free tutorials to help you make the socks and gadgetry from scratch yourself. The best bit? All you need to make a pair, according to Netflix, is an understanding of electronics and microcontroller programming, and to be totally comfortable around a soldering iron. Ahem. Count us in!

Actually, it’s probably a lot more beginner-friendly than it sounds. The tutorials don’t actually look too daunting, and Netflix has provided a full toolkit with pointers to where you can buy all the bits. Those being a microcontroller, LED lights, a momentary button, battery, and an accelerometer. Oh, and a soldering iron.

Once you’ve inadvertently soldered all of your fingers, singed off the cat’s whiskers, and burned down the Christmas tree attempting to assemble your device, it’s time to put it in a sock. This is where things get seriously snazzy. Netflix has produced a series of free sock knitting patterns that you can download, and they’re actually Netflix-themed, with designs à la House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones, and tons more.

Of course, if learning how to knit is one step too far after basically becoming a semi-professional welder/electrician/arsonist, you can always choose the easy route and pop your device in a regular sock.

If, on the other hand, you’ve developed a taste for a challenge, you can opt to wire up an optional pulse sensor to your toe to your give your sleep-monitoring socks extra accuracy.

Go go gadget socks!


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