Printers aren’t generally the sexiest of items, we’d all agree, but add in chocolate, and things immediately get more interesting.

US chocolate experts Hershey have nailed their colours to the mast and created a 3D printer – the appropriately monikered CocoJet – that could in theory deliver any kind of shape made out of gods own nectar. People, may we present to you the first chocolate 3D printer.

Initially chocolate fans can choose from a library of 3-D graphics on an iPad, and develop their own designs involving complex hexagons and intricately laced patterns.

The CocoJet also works on open-source patterns, so there is scope for people to submit any designs to be printed in three-dimensional cocoa solids. However, Hershey said that printing figurines and other solid objects is more difficult, so chocolate selfies and cat renders will have to wait.


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Will Papa, The Hershey Company’s Chief Research and Development Officer said: “3-D printing gives consumers nearly endless possibilities for personalising their chocolate, and our exhibit will be their first chance to see 3-D chocolate candy printing in action.”

The machine is currently touring the US, sadly there’s no word from Hersheys on when the UK might get a taste.

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