Auroma is a smart coffee machine that learns your taste preferences over time to brew the perfect cup of joe from your kitchen countertop.

Sick of your ‘dumb’ coffee machine churning out the same old java without a care for your mature and highly-refined palette? In that case, it’s probably time to make way for Auroma.

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Auroma takes control of all the parameters involved in brewing the perfect cup of craft coffee, like coffee to water radio, time of brew, grind size, and total dissolved solids, and finely tunes the process to suit your personal taste.

Using the companion Roaster app for iOS (Android coming soon), you can experiment with Auroma’s settings to try out different flavours, strengths, and temperatures, or tell it what beans you’re putting in it and let it suggest the best way to brew.

When you’ve drunk your coffee, you can tell Roaster what you liked or disliked about it, and it’ll keep it in mind for future brews and highlight the tastes that you love.

Roaster has partnered with a ton of suppliers whose beans you can browse and buy when you run out with just a quick tap. You can also tell Auroma to keep an eye on your stock of beans and automatically order more when you run out, before the shakes kick have chance to kick in.

As Auroma gets to grips with your unique flavour profile, it’ll also suggest beans that you might like to try out.

You can pre-order Auroma from its Kickstarter campaign for $249 (£164) for delivery in October 2016.


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