Friday night drinks are about to get interesting with this connected cocktail mixer that doubles as a mini lightsaber. Ever pour yourself a drink and feel like the Force is with you? Well, this one’s for you.


MixStik connects to an app on your phone and uses a colour-coded LED light system to help you pour the exact amount of ingredients for your favourite tipple.

Pop MixStik in your glass, choose a cocktail from the app, and MixStik will light up in a series of coloured stripes – each stripe representing the exact amount of the various ingredients you need to pour in. It’s kind of like a ruler, except for booze. The best kind of ruler.


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So, what do we offer?


When your cocktail is ready, all that’s left to do is indulge in some obligatory alcohol-induced tomfoolery. MixStik can be used as a motion-sensitive lightsaber complete with sound effects for the ultimate drunken duel, with light themes for whatever side of the force you’re on. It also makes some really cool light art if you wave it around in the dark.

MixStik LightsaberWant one? Sign up for your MixStik cocktail mixer here.

These connected jewels aren’t quite Lightsabers, but they can cool you down when battling the Empire gets all too much.