Spot is a smart home security camera that can recognise the sound of a smoke alarm and send an instant warning notification to your phone.

Get automatic notifications to an app on your phone when there’s an emergency at home (or just if the puppy’s on the sofa again) with the Spot smart security camera, which detects movement and alarm sounds.

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With a magnetic mounting mechanism, this dinky little camera friend sits comfortably on walls, tables, and shelves in your home to keep a watchful eye over your family and belongings. It links to your phone via the Wi-Fi, and logs everything it sees and hears in the cloud 24/7.

The clever bit, though, is Spot’s ability to recognise important sounds you might need to know about when you’re not home. With advanced audio detection algorithms, Spot knows if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm is sounding, and sends an instant alert to a companion app on your phone (iOS and Android) to give you time to call the emergency services before it’s too late.

If you have multiple Spots working in harmony around your home, the app will even tell you which Spot is picking up the alert, so you’ll know exactly which room smells trouble.

Pretty handy. But what’s a smart home security camera if you can’t have a little fun with it too? Spot lets you tell the kids to stop jumping on the bed, order the puppy to get off the sofa, or give burglars the fright of their life in the dead of night with Big Brother-esque house comms. With motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio, the power is, quite literally, in the palm of your hand.

You can also customise exactly how Spot tracks and logs your household comings and goings in the app. With the Time Lapse feature, for instance, you can have Spot record an hour, day, or week’s worth of footage and create a time lapse video that you can watch in seconds. Spot streams HD video, with 4X digital zoom for close-ups, and can store up to 64GB of video locally.

Spot can also snap pictures at various times throughout the day that you can view in real-time in the app — useful if you’re busy and just need at-a-glance updates to check everything’s tickety-boo at home.

Spot’s maker, a Silicone Valley company called iSmartAlarm, even hints that future Spot models could detect the sound of glass breaking, a baby’s cry, and, you’ll be pleased to hear, the mating call of the giraffe.

The very best bit? You can pre-order Spot for a ridiculously low early bird price just $49 (£33) from its Indiegogo campaign.