Canary is a newly launched home security hub that lets you keep an eye on your house via an app on your phone, with the option to call the police or fire service directly from the app, or activate a built-in siren, if the hub detects a disturbance.

With live HD video streaming direct from the Canary hub’s 147-degree wide angle lens to your phone, you can watch pets, kids, or loved ones whether you’re at the office or out of the country, and receive notifications when there’s activity that might require action.

Canary app

It adapts to the activity in your house over time to learn what’s normal, so it won’t alert you if the dog jumps on the sofa, but it will if it sees an intruder climbing through the window, or a fire starting.

Canary has a motion sensor, microphone, and even automatic night vision, so it’ll pick up on the slightest of activity. It also monitors temperature, humidity, and air quality, so you can always ensure you’re living in a healthy environment.

The Canary home security hub is available to pre-order from Amazon at £159. Read our verdict on the Canary here.