Moff is a smart band for kids that turns pretty much anything they pick up into a toy with sound effects.

The wearable market is saturated with devices that tell us to walk more, sleep more, eat less and train harder. And if we’re really honest, none of that is much of a laugh. Moff is one of the only wearables designed to give pure joy to its wearer.

A tiny band that connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth, Moff generate realistic sound effects in time with your kids’ arm movements. With Moff, absolutely everything is transformed into a toy (don’t pretend you don’t want one).

The fun begins with the Moff app’s practically endless library of sound effects. Your little ones can choose from a ton of noises including musical instruments, a lightsaber and even kitchen sounds. The app will then send sound effects to the band in real-time to match their hand waving.

Suddenly, a broom becomes an electric guitar, a roll of wrapping paper becomes a lightsaber – a plastic toy pan becomes a sizzling wok full of stir fry. As Moff’s makers put it, your kids are able to literally wear the sounds of their imagination. How cool is that?

Check it out in action:

With Moff, the possibilities are endless. But luckily for your sanity, the fun is not. Moff’s makers have kindly given you full parental control from the app, where you can choose to switch sounds on and off, and even completely block your kids from using particular effects if they’re starting to become a royal pain the proverbial.

The Moff band itself is a silicone, slap-on bracelet affair, and is packed with a 3-axis gyroscope and accelerometer that make the magic possible. It’s powered by a coin battery that’s fiddly enough to stop tiny fingers from prising it out, but easily accessible enough for you to replace it after the — gulp — 20 hours of endless use your kids will get from it.

To end with a bit of trivia, the word ‘moff’ actually means a warm, fuzzy feeling in Japanese. Apparently this means that wearing Moff is like hugging a panda…Moff’s makers words, not ours.

You can buy Moff for around £50 from Amazon. You can even grab two and connect them to one device. Moff suits kids aged 3 – 12.