Jump into the director's chair with this tiny 4K Movi camera that lets you edit your footage in real-time using your iPhone.

Imagine if you could take a professional film crew to all of your important events to live-stream awesome pro footage to your friends, followers, and in some cases – your fans. Then imagine if you could go one better and carry all of that in your pocket.

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You just discovered Movi. Equipped with a 4K sensor, stereo microphones, and a 150˚all-glass lens, this tiny portable cam shoots stunning footage that you can view and edit in real-time using an app on your iPhone, and share live with your adoring audience.

With a live preview of Movi’s footage on your iPhone’s screen, you can easily zoom, create cuts, and pan just by tapping, pinching, and dragging while the camera rolls. You can either have the app live-stream your video to social media, or save the footage for later to make further tweaks and share it when you’re ready.

Depending on what you’re shooting, Movi has a few more tricks up its sleeve to help you play director. Filming the best looks at a fashion show? Movi can track movement and detect faces to stay focussed on the models – even if you’re own eyes start to wander into the crowd. At an important conference? Movi will detect the voice of a keynote speaker and keep them in focus.

Our only caveat is Movi’s less-than desirable battery life, which tops just an hour on a full tank of juice. Help is here in the form of the Boost accessory though, which will give you up to 10 hours of endless filming. What’s more, Movi’s ring of LED lights will indicate status factors like battery life and WiFi connection, so you can quickly check that Movi isn’t about to conk out mid-shoot.

Movi will be hitting the shops in April at $399 (£281). Get in there early though, and you can pre-order it for just $199 (£140).

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