Your dog can't tell you if he's in pain, but PetPace can...

We’ve met quite a few newfangled devices claiming to be exactly like a Fitbit for your furry friend, but this PetPace collar takes activity tracking far beyond simply logging Fido’s morning run-around in the local park.

Packed with sensors for monitoring temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, posture and more, PetPace can keep an eye on your pet’s vitals around the clock to instantly detect any precursors to nasty diseases and health issues.

Just like your own Fitbit, PetPace beams all of its data to an app on your phone in real-time for quick and painless monitoring. With just a quick glance, you can check your pet’s heart rate, activity levels and other readings, including how far it is away from reaching its daily activity goal – another Fitbit-inspired feature that should prove handy if you’re trying to help your chubby little pal lose a few pounds.

Because of PetPace’s intelligent algorithms and its capacity for detecting irregularities and suspicious trends, you won’t have to religiously check the app and scrutinise the data yourself to figure out if there’s cause for concern. The data PetPace collects can detect impending fever, heat stroke, hypothermia, and other common illnesses, so you’ll always get an instant heads up about what you’re potentially dealing with.

Another boon with PetPace that other trackers for pets don’t have is a 24/7 link to the vet. Providing your vet has access to the PetPace system, they can see all of your pet’s data in real-time too, which is great if for post-op monitoring or simply if your pet needs some extra TLC for a while.

You can buy PetPace for $149.95 (£105) for cats and dogs 8lbs and up in three sizes. The tiny downside is that you’ll have to subscribe to a monthly payment plan in order to access the app. It’s only an extra tenner a month though, which is negligible when you consider the heartache PetPace might well help you avoid.