Samsung are launching a single remote that has the power to control pretty much anything plugged into your TV.

Sick of the constant expeditions down the back of the sofa to retrieve the elusive DVD remote every time you want to stick on a film? Samsung is sending help in the form of a multi-tasking super-remote.

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The Smart Control, launching as part of Samsung’s new Smart Hub TV interface, will give anyone with a Samsung smart TV the ability to control whatever’s plugged into it from a single keypad.

Running on Samsung’s Tizen mobile operating system, the Smart Control has the power to command home entertainment devices like set-top boxes, OTT boxes, and Blu-ray players, rendering all other didgery whatsits and dooberries cluttering up your living room completely redundant. Here’s a video of a man demonstrating just how useful it is at CES:

You can even use it to control your games console, although obviously it’ll act as a handy menu navigating tool rather than a replacement for your console’s controllers.

The other nifty thing about the Smart Remote is its automatic source recognition tech, which uses a clever method of mapping a respective device’s functions to its various buttons. Aside from the fact that it’ll be quicker anyway minus the routine remote hunt, this function should make accessing all of your menus and devices much easier and more streamlined.

We’re not sure when the Smart Control and its host Smart Hub will be available in the shops, but if you’ve got a taste for one remote to rule them all, here’s an awesome Logitech universal remote that might take your fancy.


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