No more arm strain with this robot suitcase that follows you everywhere you go, Star Wars droid style.

It’s usually only the rich and famous who get the luxury of a vast entourage to carry their luggage when they travel. But an Israeli company called Nua Robotics wants give everyone the celeb treatment with this auto-tracking robot suitcase.

Whether you’re strolling through the airport, the city, or your hotel lobby, this wheelie carry-on case will use its built-in camera sensor to faithfully trundle along beside you at all times like a loyal steed.

If it ever drops behind, you can make sure it’s always in step with you using an app on your phone, which picks up real-time data from the case like its weight and location.

There’s a proximity detection feature to stop the case from crashing into obstacles, and even an anti-theft alarm to make sure nobody tampers with your precious cargo.

And because travelling is hassle enough without the added stress of running out of phone battery, the robot suitcase has built-in charging ports to juice up your important devices on the go.

The one tiny catch is that it’s not actually available yet. If you’ve got your sights set on robot luggage, you’ll probably have to sit tight for around a year, which is how long Nua Robotics reckon it’ll take to put it on the market. Still, what price the future? More about it here.

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