The new Roomba iRobot 980 is Roomba’s first robot vacuum that connect to your WiFi so that you can control it remotely from your phone, wherever you are.

The Android and iOS apps let you schedule and monitor iRobot’s cleaning schedule from your phone, view its cleaning history, and check it hasn’t got stuck in any awkward corners.

For those whose hitchhiking cats are prone to a touch of Roomba travel sickness, there’s more good news. Rather than randomly circling the room like previous models, the iRobot now travels in straight parallel lines to cover all ground, with a floor-tracker sensor and low-res camera to map your rooms as it goes.

iRobot’s newfound spatial awareness allows for nifty extras like a Final Edge Clean, for tackling the notoriously hard-to-reach corners and skirting-board areas that we always dread.

iRobot isn’t just a smooth mover. With turbo carpet mode, it can detect when it’s on carpet and boost its suction power to get to any deeply-bedded dust and muck. Roomba claims it has a suction time of up to two hours, which is significantly more than previous models’ two or three room limit, and enough to clean an entire floor in your house before it obediently takes itself back to its charging dock.

This sucker is expected to cost around £700 when it hits the UK shops. Find out more and view Roomba’s entire robot vacuum range here.

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