Monkey is a small Wi-Fi enabled chip that slots into the intercom in your flat or apartment to enable you to buzz your friends in via an app on your phone.

Monkey detects when someone rings your intercom, and gives you the luxury of activating the buzzer and granting them access from the simplicity of the app, meaning you don’t have to drag yourself away from the TV screen or quickly guzzle that last slice of pizza to go and do it yourself.

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Like a smart lock, Monkey gives you the freedom to control your smart intercom from wherever you are in the world, so you can be notified when the delivery man’s at the door if you’re away from home and then let him in without having to be in the building.

The Monkey app also lets you set up granted access for guests at certain times by creating timed windows when they’ll be allowed in if you’re not there.

The really cool part? Monkey will automatically buzz you into your flat when it senses you’re near, so you don’t have to fumble for your key in the bottom of you bag late at night, or for that matter worry about losing it.

It’s simple and easy to install in less than three minutes, without the need for an electrician or even permission from your landlord, and you can pre-order it for just $49 (around £31) from the Monkey Kickstarter campaign.


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