Make like a beauty vlogger with this smart mirror that lets you snap selfies and shoot HD video as you strike a pose.

The Selfie Mirror is a smart mirror equipped with a 16MP Sony Exmor camera and studio-quality LED light. It lets you take selfies and film yourself without having to tear your eyes away from the vision of divine beauty in its reflection.

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To take a snap or shoot video, simply tap the dashboard display on the mirror to activate the camera’s timer, choose how many frames to shoot, crack that winning smile, and let the Smart Mirror take care of the rest.

Once you’re satisfied with your pro head-shots, it’s time to share them. That dashboard we mentioned? It’s actually a mini screen built into the mirror itself that runs Android 5.0. It’s the hub for all of your vanity projects, with social media buttons for quick and easy sharing on Facebook or YouTube, and weather, news and social media feeds to keep you connected to the outside world.

But that’s not even a fraction of what Selfie Mirror can do. It also wants to be a hub for your smart home, connecting to smart gadgets like doorbells, lights, air-fresheners, locks, and tons more to give you remote control from your smartphone or Selfie Mirror dashboard.

If you’re not up to date with the latest smart home tech, Selfie Mirror comes with a few of its own clever tricks. For a start, it has on-board motion sensors and two-way video surveillance which allow it transmit images to an app on your phone if there’s a disturbance when you’re out.

Then there are its four smart sensor ports. They can detect fire, gas leaks, air quality, and home temperature/humidity, and notify you in real-time if there’s cause for concern.

When it’s not lauding over your gorgeousness and guarding your house, Selfie Mirror is also your music system (of course it is). Its integrated Hi-Fi speakers let you stream music from any source, with a digital amplifier and 2-channel system thrown in for good measure.

Add to that an SD card slot, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and two USB charging ports, and that’s all a hell of a lot for a humble mirror to pull off. It seems the only thing in the world it can’t do is tell you that you look a hot mess. You’ll have to leave that one to your million discerning fans.

The good news is that owning a Selfie Mirror doesn’t have to mean that you’re a complete narcissist. There’s a ‘Business’ version of Selfie Mirror that brings handy buttons like UBER, Google Maps, and TripAdvisor buttons to the dashboard for your business needs.

Selfie Mirror’s makers reckon it’ll increase business as well. Just hang it on the wall of your shop, salon, or office, and let your customers take selfies to share with you. We’re not sure if facilitating someone else’s self-absorption is better than indulging your own, but you can’t save everyone.

You can pre-order a Selfie Mirror for an early bird price of $160 (£104). The business version is $200 (£131).


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