Tstand is a portable tablet stand that lets you use your tablet hands-free whether you're lying down, reclining, or simply too lazy to support it with your own arms.

With a reversible base and adjustable viewing angle, Tstand lets you prop up your tablet when it’s too simply awkward or inconvenient to hold it yourself.

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Whether you’re trying to catch a movie in bed, follow recipe instructions in the kitchen, or distract the kids on a long car journey, Tstand can be positioned on pretty much any surface for hands-free operation at the optimal viewing height.

When we say any surface, that includes practically anywhere on your own body. Tstand has an ergonomic design that helps it rest nicely on your chest, stomach, or hips while you’re vegging out horizontally – leaving you free to get as comfy as possible and dig into the popcorn.

It’ll slot neatly under you lap if you’re perched on the edge of the bed or sofa, and can even transition into a selfie stick – albeit a rather cumbersome and indiscreet one.

Tstand will support pretty much any size tablet, with an adjustable bracket that brings it closer to eye level, and silicone grippers to prevent any tablet-to-the-face mishaps that might occur at compromising angles.

It’s also super light, weighing in at just 1lb, and can apparently fold up into any 13-inch laptop case for carrying it about without fuss.

You can pre-order one for $37 (£25) from its Kickstarter campaign, with shipping set in time for Christmas.


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