ThreadStax is US innovator Scott Kosmach's solution to one of modern society's most pressing niggles; the inability to keep our clothes neatly folded. Put simply, ThreadStax is a filing system for your clothes.

Update: Threadstax managed to raise $180,000 in 30 days and is now available for pre-ordering. Happy organising.

Do you have nightmares about giant clothes drawers in disarray? Lie awake at night tormented by the avalanche of t-shirts and jumpers that awaits you in the morning? Then you probably need to sort out your priorities. Or failing that, invest in ThreadStax.

With all of your garments neatly tucked away using ThreadStax, you can easily stack or retrieve a jumper from the bottom of a pile of lovingly-folded clothes without causing sartorial anarchy. Just like this:


The principle behind ThreadStax is so simple it’ll have the inventor of the humble coat hanger turning in his grave. ThreadStax is a basically a wall bracket with lightweight load-bearing spacers that snap in and out of place using magnets.

There are ventilation holes in the spacers to keep your clothes fresh, flip and pull tabs for easy grabbing, and a variety of bracket sizes to suit both drawers and wardrobes. For the truly obsessive among us, there are also ThreadStax folders to help you fold your clothes into pleasingly neat parcels.

giphy (2)

Those of you crying, “A filing system for clothes? Are you stark raving mad?” hold your cynicism for now. Kosmach claims a whopping 90 per cent of the US population admits to lacking the motivation to fold their clothes. A grave statistic indeed.

A bundle of seven ThreadStax sliders, a bracket, clothes folder, and a bonus eBook called “Organized in 30 days” costs just $50 (around £33). Bigger bundles are available for retailers, ranging up to £1,150 (around £762) for 365 clothes sliders and 48 brackets.