It's a one-tap wonder for doing all kinds of useful connected stuff.

Ever wish you could just press a button to make your problems go away? Well, TiBe Connect won’t solve everything, but it’ll give it a good shot.

An Indiegogo project currently raking in backers by the dozen, TiBe Connect is a WiFi-packing, Bluetooth-touting smart button that puts an entire world of convenience at your fingertips.

With TiBe Connect on your keychain, in your pocket, on the dashboard or simply mounted on the wall, you can find your keys, take a selfie , turn on the lights and even find your car with just a single press.

The smart little button works by connecting to an app on your phone. There, you can tell the button exactly what you want it to do. It connects to tons of smart home gadgets and apps on your phone, and can perform multiple tasks depending on how your press.

TiBe Connect FridgeOn TiBe Connect, for instance, could call your favourite contact when you click it once, send your GPS location to a friend via test with a double click, and track your car via Bluetooth with a long press.

If you get too far away from TiBe Connect, your phone will record its last known GPS position on a map to help guide you back to it. You can use the app on your phone to make TiBe Connect ring too, and it can sounds an alert as loud as a vacuum cleaner to make finding it an easy job.

It will light up when you’re trying to find it too, which could be handy in all kinds of awkward scenarios, like if you drop your TiBe Connect-laden car keys under the driver’s seat at night.

TiBe Connect Kitchen

To give you even more possibilities for customisation, TiBe Connect works with IFTTT (If This Then Then) – an app that lets you create rules and routines between various apps and gadgets in your life.

If one TiBe Connect doesn’t sound like enough for all the connected luxuries you want, you’ll be pleased to hear you can connect up to 5 of them with the app on your phone.

That way, you can have one TiBe Connect on your keychain to open and close the garage door and switch off the lights when you leave for work, another on your kitchen countertop to fire up your coffee machine and morning playlist, and another close by for calls, messaging and notifications from your apps.

If you’re sold on TiBe Connect, you can pre-order it now from Indiegogo. The current cheapest early bird deal for a single device sits at just $25 (around £20), but you can buy two for just $45 (around £36).