Pop this skinny mini inside your wallet or purse for 24/7 tracking.

If a Bluetooth tracker is going to attach to something precious that you carry with you everywhere, it’s got the be the right size and shape to not irritate the life out of you, or ruin the look and feel of your stuff.

That’s why tracker maker Tile has decided to give its trusty Bluetooth tracker a good old nip tuck. Here’s Tile Slim –  a wallet-worthy little gizmo the width of just two credit cards for discreet tracking anywhere and everywhere.

tile-slim-purseLike its predecessor, Tile Slim connects to an app on your phone for remote tracking in an instant. Give the app a tap, and Tile Slim will beep out to you. If you leave your wallet on the bus, you can mark it as lost via the app and it will then use any Tile-paired phone in the area search for your lost item.

tile-slim-laptopThis process is anonymous, so none of those random Tile users will know where your wallet is, or even that they’re being used to locate it. You’ll receive a notification the instant any Tile user ever gets within range of your lost item.

Tile Slim isn’t just perfect for slipping inside a discreet pocket inside wallets and purses. It’s skinny enough to stick on your laptop or cling to your notebook without adding any extra bulk.

You can buy Tile Slim for $30 (around £23) here. Shipping to the UK costs $6 (around £4.50).