Microscopes aren’t just for scientists. uPeek lets you try check out what’s really going on in your house with your phone.

Updated: uPeek’s been fully funded and is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo, with an estimated delivery date of June 2016.

uPeek is a microscope that looks nothing like the images of microscopes your mind probably conjures. There are no great big lens barrels or metal feet. It’s tiny.

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This microscope is the size of a credit card, and not really all that much thicker. Or at least not so much that it feels anything but a pocket gadget.

You put whatever you want to peer onto on a little slide that slots into the uPeek, and it can zoom the view from 35x to an amazing 350x magnification. What it can do for something so tiny is kinda amazing.

Whatever images uPeek sees will then be fired over to your phone using Bluetooth, so you can check out the results. This means it needs battery power to work, but it’ll last for up to four hours off a charge and can be juiced-up using a normal phone charger.

So why would you want to use one? uPeek is a bit niche we’ll grant, but it’d let you check out the dodgy-looking dandruff on your dog, and inspect little snips of carpet for nasties. You want to know if your house is infested, right?

From a less practical point of view, uPeek just gives you a look into where you live you just don’t normally get.

If you want to give it a go, you can back the project fro £90 on Kickstarter to get hold of a standard uPeek microscope.


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