A smart plug that creates a virtual map of your house to help you find your missing stuff.

We’ve seen plenty of Bluetooth thing-trackers in our time, but TrackR Atlas takes the high-tech lost and found game to a completely different level. With one of these little plugs in a power socket of every room of your house, you can see exactly where your important stuff is hiding in an app on your phone.

With the clever TrackR Atlas, you can quickly find anything from your keys, wallet, phone, and the elusive Colonel Fluff the cat by tagging them with one of TrackR’s GPS tracking devices. When they go missing, you can simply fire up the app to see them pinpointed in the room where they’re hiding.

TrackR Atlas plug and app

The in-app map helps you pinpoint your lost items to the exact room they’re hiding in

Can’t be bothered to open the app? Just ask Alexa. TrackR Atlas is fully compatible with Amazon’s famous virtual assistant, so all it takes is a simple, “Alexa, where is Colonel Fluff?” to get an instant voice reply like, “In the bathroom.”

If you’re curious about what the scallywag has been up for the whole the day, you’ll be able to see a room by room log in the app of where all your tracked stuff has been that day. Kind of like a digital Harry Potter Maurauders Map for meandering moggies.

You can create custom settings to keep an extra close eye on your stuff, if you like. At your command, the TrackR app will notify you when chosen objects move around the house, or even leave the house altogether. Likewise, if you lend a beloved object to a friend, like a bike, you can get a notification when it returns to its rightful place in the garage.

TrackR Atlas Amazon Alexa Echo Dot

TrackR Atlas talks to Amazon Alexa to find your missing objects

If you still can’t find an item after TrackR Atlas has pinpointed it on the house map, you can ring its individual GPS tracker. This should come in handy when your phone’s gone AWOL down the dark murky depths of the sofa, or your wallet’s tucked up in bed upstairs.

Because TrackR Atlas plugs are connected to your home WiFi, they’ll carry on notifying you even if you’ve left the country. That way, you can make sure nothing goes out of place when you’re away from home.

TrackR Atlas plugs fit rooms of all sizes, from spacious attics to tiny coat closets. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can pre-order a single TrackR Atlas plug for just $39 (around £30). To equip the whole house, prices range from $99 (around £90) for a pack of four plugs, to $200 (around £160) for 10. It looks like it’s US shipping only at the moment.