TrackR Bravo is a coin-size device that attaches to your most treasured possessions to make sure they never get lost.

Attach TrackR Bravo to your keys, wallet, or any valuable item you’re hopelessly prone to losing, and you can track it on your smartphone within a matter of seconds.

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TrackR Bravo is tethered to your phone (both iOS and Android) via Bluetooth, letting you know its whereabouts at all times, even if your phone is out of range. If you happen to misplace your valuable item, you can ask the app to reveal TrackR Bravo’s last known location on a map, before making your way there sharpish for the emotional reunion.

The app will help you along the way. A neat Distance Indicator function that tells you how far away from your missing item you are. Kind of like hide and seek without the mystery. The app will also ring TrackR Bravo so that when you’re near, you’ll be able to hear it crying out to be back inside your pocket.

That’s all well and good, but what about the times when it’s too late, like when you’re boarding a plane back home and your wallet’s still under the bed in your hotel room?

Luckily for you forgetful folk, TrackR Bravo has a separation function for times when you stray too far from your stuff. If you ever go outside of the Bluetooth range of your beloved item, TrackR Bravo can send you a handy ‘Help me!’ notification to your phone so you can quickly go and rescue it before you end up in separate continents.

We know what you’re thinking. What if you lose your phone? Surely thats going to leave you up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

But here’s the cool thing. TrackR Bravo’s separation function works two ways. If you do happen to misplace your phone (and let’s be honest, you’re probably the kind of person who will, if we’ve convinced you to read this far), you can push the little button on TrackR Bravo and it’ll make your pesky phone ring – even if it’s on silent. Now that’s smart.

TrackR Bravo has even added a touch of community spirit to its tracking function, with its Crowd GPS feature. This means if you’re too far away from your lost item and one of TrackR’s hundreds of thousands of users comes within range of it, you’ll get a handy location update.

TrackR Bravo is made of anodised aluminium so it’s nice and sturdy to withstand a bit of rough and tumble in the bottom of your bag or, god forbid, down a drain, and it’s super-slim so it won’t add much extra bulk.

EE has just announced it is now selling the TrackR, at £24.99 for a single unit, £44.99 for two or £79.99 for a pack of four.


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