Throw this remote control Pokéball instead of swiping to bag yourself that Bulbasaur.

If you’re still venturing out into the big wide world and risking life and limb trying to fill up that Pokédex, you’re definitely in need of a little reward. And we’ve found just the thing. It’s a real life Pokéball, people.

Made from soft rubberised foam and hiding Bluetooth, an accelerometer and Snapchat’s face recognition tech inside, the Trainer Ball is a remote controller for Pokémon Go that you can throw just like a real life Pokéball.

Now, instead of having to use a flick of the thumb on your smartphone screen to throw a virtual ball at a wild Pokémon, all you have to do is lob this ball – yes, really throw it – onto the ground to pick up a Pikachu.

The Trainer Ball’s clever hidden tech will mimic your ball throw on the screen, making it really feel you’ve just caught a roaming monster with your bare hands.

And if you’re not in the kind of place where it’s acceptable to randomly throw a ball on the ground (not that doing socially weird stuff in public has ever phased Pokémon Go players, mind), you can just flick it instead, and the accelerometer will still pick up on the kinetic movement.

And to keep your phone juiced up nicely for a long day of Pokéhunting, there’s a built-in backup power bank that can charge almost any phone around 2 times over.

Now that is our kind of Pokétoy (we can’t stop).

If you’re ready to make the line between real life and fantasy monsters even more blurry, you can pre-order the Trainer Ball from its successful Kickstarter campaign for $45 (around £34).

The San Fransisco tech entrepreneurs behind the Trainer Ball are still waiting to hear from Pokémon master Niantic about the possibility of a licensing agreement, but if that goes ahead, worldwide shipping is set for February 2017.

Want to talk about the Trainer Ball on Twitter? Use the hashtag #WheresTheBall.