Remember that time you breezed up six flights on stairs carrying your suitcase all by yourself and didn't hyperventilate? Exactly.

We’ve met some smart suitcases that can do some wonderful things. They can track themselves, weigh themselves, and even ward off thieves. And while that’s mind-blowing and everything, there’s still one pretty important problem they haven’t yet managed to solve. Stairs.

That is, until now. That’s right, the future is now, people. Behold TraxPack – the stair-climbing super case that traverses any number of steps like a miniature tank. It’s mission? To take the ‘lug’ out of luggage, Brilliant.

Look at it go:

TraxPack climbingAs if that’s not enough to have you completely sold, TraxPack also has the most clever luggage handle we’ve ever seen (and if there’s anything we know about, it’s luggage handles). Check out the 360˚ spin on this bad lad:

TraxPack handle swivel

TraxPack is also hiding a few smart features for extra measure. It’s got a built-in weighing scale on the luggage handle to make sure you don’t over-do it on packing, a USB charger for juicing up your devices on the go, and even a GPS system so you can track its location in an app wherever you are in the world.

You can even prop up your tablet on the integrated mobile device stand to kick back for some screen time while you’re waiting for your flight.

TraxPack device holderIn our opinion, a suitcase that can do away with the heartache of stairs is worth all the money in the world, but luckily, it doesn’t actually cost it. You can pre-order it from Kickstarter for $198 (£134)