No more squabbling over what track to put on next with this smart little box.

Imagine inviting your friends round for a party and your speaker magically knowing exactly what music they like as soon as they enter the room. Too good to be true, right?

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Wrong. You just met Fusio. Fusio is a clever wireless music cube that’s capable of recognising who’s in your house and automatically adapting its music selection according to your guests’ music taste. No more breaking to change the track or painstakingly compiling playlists to please everyone, because Fusio syncs with all of your friends’ personal music preferences and, in the words of its makers, democratises the music selection.

To get cracking with Fusio, all you have to do is pop it wherever you like, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and configure your music streaming account via the app (iOS and Android), choosing music both you and all your friends love. Then, simply press play and let Fusio sort out your mix.

After that, Fusio relies on straightforward touch commands and natural gestures for any manual tune toggling you need to do. Your friends’ music enters the ring when they come within range of the speaker with their phone in tow. Fusio will know that they’re near, and play whatever music it knows they’re into.

Looks-wise, Fusio certainly won’t look out of place while you’re entertaining. It comes with exchangeable front covers that can adapt to the individual look of your space.

The slightly disappointing news is that Fusio still has a way to hit the shops, with a crowdfunding campaign about to launch any day now. In slightly better news, however, you can sign up now to get a special discount.