Now everyone in the house can listen to the same film, game and music audio any way they like.

Updated: Ekko Hub is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo!

Currently raking in the funding over on Kickstarter, the Ekko Hub is a Hi-Fi, Wi-Fi audio hub capable of streaming a single audio source to multiple listeners on their headphones or speakers of choice.

The Ekko Hub plugs into any airplay/DLNA-enabled devices via a base station, which houses four detachable puck-shaped receivers. To share audio from the source device with your friends and family, all you have to do is hand them one of the receivers. They can can plug in their own headphones, speakers, or even connect a pair of Bluetooth earbuds to listen in real-time however they like.

With an app on your phone, you can control the volume and mute functions of each individual receiver. They handle super-clear high-res 96kHz, 24-bit audio quality, and can be operated within a 50-foot range, which should be more enough for the average household.

Ekko Hub 2Each receiver is also powerful enough to last 4.5 hours on a single charge, and will recharge automatically as soon as you pop it back in its slot on the Hub’s base station. The base station can house up to four receivers, but Ekko says you can connect as many as 10 receivers for multi-user audio.

As well as firing over audio from devices like the TV and Bluetooth speakers, the Ekko receivers will also connect to your phone to give you instant access to music apps like Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music and Pandora.

You can pre-order the Ekko hub for $159 (£112), with shipping set for July 2017 if the Kickstarter campaign is successful. It ships to anywhere in the world.