The Beam streaming app lets you binge on TV, movies, books and magazines for free during your journey.

Virgin Trains has launched a complimentary Netflix-style streaming app for passengers that sounds so dangerously addictive that you won’t even care when you realise it’s made you miss your stop.

It’s called Beam, and it’s a giant mash-up of TV shows, movies, games, books and magazines that you can access directly from the app on your phone or tablet when you hop on board. All you have to do is download the app at home, sign into Virgin Trains WiFi when you’re the train, and get your head down for some totally free screen time.

Virgin Trains boasts that Beam has hundreds of hours of viewing to dip into, which includes films like The World of Wall Street, Bridesmaids, and Despicable Me 2. The box set line-up is definitely a morning commute buster, with addictive shows like House of Cards, Poldark and Fortitude. Travel-weary kids will be able to enjoy Peppa Pig, Ben 10 and Horrible Histories too.

If you’re strictly a literature-only train traveller, you’ll be able to read titles like Cosmo, BBC Good Food, Lonely Planet Traveller and Men’s Health.

Beam is available on Virgin Pendolino services on the West Cost and East Coast routes for now, and should be hitting Super Voyager West Coast Trains in September. It works in both standard and first class

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