You can't see the air that you're breathing, but this smart uHoo air sensor can...

If you’re not convinced there’s anything wrong with the air you breathe inside your home, get this. That air is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Yep. That’s the news from the makers of uHoo, anyway. But luckily, uHoo is here to freshen things up.

A WiFi-connected air monitor with eight dedicated sensors for checking the quality of the air in your home, uHoo can measure all sorts of variables you didn’t even know existed and warn you about them in an app on your phone. And when it comes to variables, there’s a lot to take in (literally, through your nose). uHoo can detect carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, humidity, temperature, ozone, volatile organic compounds and air pressure.

But thanks to the handy app on your phone, none of that will seem overwhelming or scary. Whenever uHoo detects above average levels of a certain element, it will sent you a gentle alert, along with suggestion on how to bring down the hazardous levels to a save place. Tips could include cutting back on household cleaning products, giving your home a thorough dusting, airing out the curtains or giving the carpet under the bed a vacuum.

uHoo app

Easy-to-understand insights in the app tell you how to improve air quality with small lifestyle changes

Once you’ve been living with uHoo for a while, you’ll start to see how your daily habits affect the air you breathe. The app will regularly pipe up with handy tips, tricks and suggestions for altering your lifestyle and keeping your home air fresh, clean and safe for the whole family. You can even keep a health diary to track changes over time, and keep a close eye on the air quality in all the rooms where there’s a uHoo sensor.

Obsessively monitoring all the variables in the air might seem a touch OTT, but there’s much more to it than you might think. Prone to headaches? That could be the air pressure in your home. Have a child that suffers from asthma? That kitchen cleaner you use could be exacerbating their symptoms. When you start to break it down, uHoo starts to seem like an incredibly sensible device to invite into the house.

And speaking of inviting uHoo in, the smart air monitor is currently garnering funding over on Indiegogo. It’s raised over half the money it needs to go into production with still a month left on the campaign, so the likelihood of uHoo hitting the shops as planned is pretty high. You can pre-order it now for $139 (£96). Its expected release date is December this year.