After an all-seeing eye for your home that doesn't make it look like a high-security prison? Meet Ulo, the home security camera shaped like an owl that communicates with its animated eyes.

Update: Ulo reached its funding goal and is now available for pre-order, with an expected release date of ‘early 2017’, priced at E199.

Standard home security cameras can often look a tad ominous glaring down at guests from above your doorway, but Ulo is an endearing little device that blinks and moves its eyes when it sees someone coming.

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Ulo connects to phones and tablets, and lets you stream live video wherever you are, for peace of mind that your home is safe. Its two-way mirror beak captures all comings and goings, and its LCD eyes are animated, each gesture full of meaning.

Ask Ulo to take a snapshot remotely from your phone, for example, and it’ll wink. Switch on the live video mode from your phone and Ulo’s eyes will squint while it concentrates on filming. Move about in front of Ulo, and it’ll blink and follow you with its eyes. It even gets droopy-eyed when its battery needs charging, and looks grumpy when it starts to rain.

It’s possibly the most adorable anthropomorphised gadget we’ve ever seen…

When you leave Ulo home alone, it’ll know you’re out of Wi-Fi range and kick into alert mode. This means any movements it records will be automatically saved as animated GIFs and emailed to you straight away. Ulo’s head has a touch capacitive button to set it to alert mode manually too. Just tap the little fella twice to activate.

Like a real owl, Ulo stays awake at night as well, scanning the darkness with its infrared night vision to keep you covered 24/7.

Ulo will happily stay perched for around a week before needing a juice-up using a USB cable. But if you’re using it constantly every day, you’ll probably need to plug it in every couple of days to keep it happy. Speaking of perching, Ulo may not have claws, but it does come with adhesive magnets so it’ll cling to any wall, fence, or roof without fuss. It’s flat-bottomed so it can sit on your bookshelf or kitchen countertop too.