Inject some colour and vibrance back into those battered childhood holiday snaps with the tools in this clever little Unfade app.

What with the airbrushed, cropped, angled, filtered-to-within-an-inch-of-their-life photos we all take on our smartphones these days, there’s something romantically nostalgic about the grainy, faded family photos in well-thumbed albums on our parents’ shelves. But sometimes, it would be kind of nice if we could go back to those moments and capture them through a modern-day lens.

Well, Unfade is here to make that happen (ish). Unfade is an app for your iPhone or iPad that injects life and colour into those battered old snaps. Just hold your iThing over a photo in an album, and in less than a second Unfade will make a high quality scan of it. It will then auto-crop your scanned photo to straighten it up and frame it to perfection, then apply its all-important magic colour filter.

Unfade app iOSWhat does that do, exactly? According to Unfade, it will bring back colours that you almost can’t see anymore. That near-luminous green and purple in that shell suit your parents forced you to wear circa 1992? It’s about to make a bold comeback.

Once Unfade is done tweaking your pics, you can save them into as many albums as you like. That’s unlimited digital albums for all of your nostalgic shots, which beats shoving them on the bottom shelf, eh? Unfade also let you share your revived snaps directly to Apple Photos to let your family and friends enjoy the transformation too.

Download Unfade here for $4.99 (£3.50)

  • Bennet Conrads

    Hey Guys,
    Bennet from the Unfade team here. Thanks for the nice article covering the app! 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that Unfade is already available on the app store and you can download it now!
    Best regards, Bennet