Drowning in smart home apps and gadgets? These clever smart home remotes will make controlling your connective life feel like magic.

Smart Remote by Sevenhugs

Sevenhugs Smart RemoteBoasting a colour touch screen with a minimalistic design that looks like it could have come straight from Apple HQ, Smart Remote puts the luxury of swiping and tapping to control your smart gadgets at your fingertips. It has some big names under its belt too, putting your Nest thermostat, Philips Hue lightbulbs and Sonos sound system at the mercy of your every tap. What’s perhaps more tantalising, however, is the fact that Smart Remote recognises where you’re pointing it and adapts its screen accordingly. No faffing with apps or scrolling to find the right gadget to control – just a simple, intuitive screen that stays one step ahead of you. Walk into the living room, for instance, at the brainy gizmo will know you’re about to turn on your TV and bring up options to switch on, change channel or select your favourite on-demand app. Go towards your Hue lightbulbs, and Smart Remote will instantly let you toggle brightness and colour from its touch screen. It’s tiny and compact too, so you can keep it snug in your pocket while you potter about the house.

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NEEO smart home remoteA slick smart stick designed to control all of the smart gadgets in your house, NEEO has database of more than 30,000 household devices to its name, including the Nest Thermostat, Apple TV and Sonos music systems. It’s also compatible with all major AV productions produced in the last 10 years, which is pretty neat. to connect with your devices, NEEO needs to be connected to its companion smart hub, called its Brain. When you’re set up, you can control your gadgets using  NEEO and its handy 291 ppi display, or through the app on your phone. NEEO’s party trick is that it actually recognises your hand when you pick it up. This allows you to set up parental controls, which might come in handy if your teenage kids enjoy cranking the heating up to full the second they get just a tiny bit chilly. NEEO will also pull up your individual profile when you pick it up, displaying your favourite playlists, films and favourites for quick access. Not bad for a gadget that looks like your average living room zapper, eh?

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Logitech Harmony Elite

Logitech Harmony EliteLogitech has a slew of smart remotes to give you dominion over your TV and gadgets, but the Harmony Elite is the ultimate in smart home convenience. The sleek colour touchscreen remote comes with a pebble-shaped gateway device that puts it in control of everything from your TV and set top box, to your games consoles and smart gadgets. As well as replacing up to 15 of your regular annoying remote controls, Harmony Elite puts you in the driver’s seat for tons of top smart home gadgets like Philips Hue, LIFX lights, August smart locks, Next thermostats, Honeywell and more. It even works with smart home systems like Samsung SmartThings, Insteon and your IFTTT recipes. With this sleek black remote, you can change the channel, crank up the volume, check the status of your smart door lock, dim the lights, set smart home schedules and more – all from the comfort of your sofa. Genius.

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KlikrKlikr isn’t a remote per se – rather, it’s a tiny device that turns your phone into one. With a Klikr stuck on or next to your TV, speakers, or pretty much anything you control with a remote, you can now have full power over all your gadgets from a single app on your smartphone. Klikr lets you change the TV channel, skip music tracks, and even open your smart blinds just by telling your phone what you want to happen. You’ll be able to access your entire fleet of gadgets though the app’s dashboard with just a swipe, organise them by room, and save them to the cloud. You don’t always have to use the voice activation feature either. You can just go into the app and manually control your devices using its controls, if you wish. Klikr isn’t just a substitute for your mischievous gang of remotes; it also has cool customisable features like smart pausing and muting, meaning if you get a phone call while you’re watching Netflix, it’ll instantly pause or mute as soon as you pick up, and then return to normal when you’re done.

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